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There are three categories of partners, full partner, student partner and retired partner.
To join our society as a partner you can request it in three ways:

Each category has an annual fee

  • Titular partner: $70.000

  • Student Partner: $12,000

  • Retired member: $12,000

To do this you must complete the Membership Application Form (see next) attaching your resume. This modality is mainly intended for established researchers.

Members of the biology society of Chile may request their incorporation into our society by sending a certificate of membership of the biology society of Chile and your updated resume. Alternatively, at the time of joining the biology society of Chile, you can jointly request joining to the society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Chile.

To do this you must send a verbatim work to be presented at the annual meeting of our society. Alternatively, if the work to be presented have been published, you can send the corresponding publication.

Download article VIII of SBBMCh statutes aquí

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