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Registration Rates:

The below chart show SBBMCh registration rates, which will increase based on registration date. Please remember these dates to secure the early-bird price.

Annual SBBMCh meeting registration fees:

Registration for the Annual Meeting includes:

  1. Access to all scientific and academic activities.
  2. Graphic material of the congress (Credential, Program).
  3. Certificate of attendance to the congress.
  4. Digital material (Program, Abstract book).
  5. Coffee-breaks and lunches between 30-Sept. and 03-Oct.
  6. Inaugural dinner on September 30, 2024.
  7. Closing dinner and closing party on 103-Oct, 2024

ǂ The companion category was created for all attendees who wish to include a companion to share lunches, the opening dinner, closing dinner, and closing party with other attendees. This registration does not include accommodation, coffee breaks, access to scientific and academic activities, graphic material, or certificate of attendance to the congress.

To register you must first transfer the corresponding money to the Society’s account and then complete the corresponding form:

Destinatario: Sociedad Bioquímica de Chile
Banco: Crédito e Inversiones (BCI)
Tipo de Cuenta: Corriente
Rut: 70.288.900-6
N° Cuenta: 000010136321
correo electrónico:

 Inscription On or before July 26, 2024 (CLP$)* From July 27, 2024 (CLP$)*
Member 320.000 415.000
Member symposium organizing 300.000 390.000
 Postdoc 350.000 455.000
Research assistant 300.000 390.000
Graduated student 280.000 360.000
Undergraduate student 280.000 360.000
Non-member 450.000 585.000
Companionǂ 160.000 210.000