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Bay Area Postdoc Symposium 2017

Location: Drexler Auditorium, Buck Institute
Date: Saturday June 10th 2017
Dear Postdoc Community!
Science communication is the focus of this year’s Bay Area Postdoc Symposium
We are having outstanding keynotes:  Dr. Manu Prakash, a physical biologist and inventor from Stanford University, and Ann Reid, the Executive director of the National Center for Science Education. And Dr. Joanne Kamens, the Executive Director of Addgene, will be holding a workshop during lunch: Not Networking 101-.
15 talks by Postdocs from all Institutes across the Bay Area and a broad selection of Science Communication workshops for you to choose from!
Registration is now open: there will be transport provided from Berkeley, Stanford and UCSF Mission Bay campuses, please choose carefully appropriate affiliation and ticket type
Once you register, you will get a surveymonkey link to rank the workshops in order of preference, you can check them out here!  Just in case you missed it, here is the link: We will do our best to accommodate your selection.
We have also created a Slack group for all attendants to promote networking across the Bay Area, and also to facilitate car-pooling in case you are driving and willing to share the ride!
Sign up with your official academic email here:
Join us to celebrate postdoc science & #SciComm skills across the Bay!
Check our website for more information!
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