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The IUBMB Trainee Initiative hosted their first event with attendees in 31 countries log on for a lively and engaging presentation.

The recording is now available in case you missed it!

A webinar on Drs David Baker and Brian Koepnick talk about computational structural biology, how you can help science by solving protein structures at home with Foldit, and advice on how to follow this scientific path if it interests you! 


There’s still time to submit an abstract and the early registration deadline has been extended to April 12.

Open Call for host institutions for
FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE Conferences in 2024
The FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE Conference is a 3-day international and interdisciplinary winter event for PhD students and postdocs, hosted at a different research institute each year.The FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE are now inviting applications from academic institutions (either a university or a research institution) to host the November 2024 conference in any country with an IUBMB Adhering or Associate Adhering Body (except those allowed in 2023). We are looking for academic institutions with a strong research background in molecular life sciences and an active PhD community. This event will be organized by a committee of young researchers belonging to the 5 ENABLE institutions. It will be organized following the standards and structure of the previous ENABLE events. FEBS and IUBMB will fund the event up to a sum of €65,000.  
APR 15: host the 2024 event to any country with an IUBMB Adhering or Associate Adhering Bodyexcept those allowed in 2023
For more information, visit:

IUBMB is seeking a New Editor-in-Chief for BioFactors, a *rapid publication* journal devoted to signal transduction, metabolic signaling, receptors, and ligands. Deadline extended to June 30th.  Info:




Our Postgraduate Student Ambassador has prepared an extensive post on the EC Nomenclature which should be of broad interest to trainees and educators. 


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Read more on Journal Highlights



EMBO Workshop: Reversible phosphorylation, signal integration and drug discovery hybrid meeting on May 22-26, 2022 in Vouliagmeni, Greece.

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IUBMB is pleased to support the Patricia Cohen Tribute, Women in Science Lecture: PHLiPPing the switch to cell signalling

Keynote Lecturer: Alexandra Newton

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    FEBS Junior Sections initiative  
This April talk is organised by HDBMB Young Scientists’ Forum, the junior section of the HDBMB.
Speaker: Prof. Igor Stagljar, from the University of Toronto, Canada
Topic:      “My story about life, science and success”
Time:       14 April 2022, 19:00 (CET)
Registration link

For more information, see the presentation abstract below and visit the Sagljar lab webpage.  

Professor Stagljar is one of the world leaders in the field of proteomics/chemical genomics, developing high-throughput technologies to facilitate the study of the protein-protein interactions of various human membrane proteins involved in cancer. The research in his lab has led to the development of the Membrane Yeast Two-Hybrid and the Mammalian Membrane Two-Hybrid (MaMTH) technologies, both of which have revolutionized membrane proteomic research. As of recent, Stagljar lab adapted MaMTH into a drug screening platform and has been directing its research efforts into SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics.

In 2015, the University of Toronto honored Prof. Stagljar with “Inventor of the Year” award for his contribution to Canada’s innovation agenda and the advancement of knowledge. As principal investigator, Prof. Stagljar secured over $38 million in research funds since he moved to Canada (in 2005) and has co-founded Dualsystems Biotech Inc, a world-leading company in the field of interactive proteomics, and a new Toronto-based biotech start-up company named Perturba Therapeutics.




We invite you to the RNAs in gene control across kingdoms, taking place May 2-5, 2022.

This international meeting will be a unique opportunity to welcome remarkable scientists and to highlight RNA research in Strasbourg within a stimulating and international environment. It will cover two related topics: RNA regulation and the genetic code in translation. This meeting is also organized for the achievements of Prof. Eric Westhof who has initiated and coordinated the NetRNA labEx (Networks of regulatory RNA across kingdoms in response to biotic and abiotic stresses).

We are delighted to announce the IUBMB Jubilee Lecture is Professor Sarah Woodson.
APR 15: Abstract Submission Deadline | Online poster

Research targeted at defining conditions for healthy ageing is key to developing sustainable future societies. Moreover, regenerative medicine continuously strives to develop treatments and, as a long-term goal, cures for a variety of age-related disorders. The 2nd FEBS Workshop Ageing & Regeneration will bring together experts working at the forefront of science in both ageing research and regenerative medicine / stem cell biology.
APR 15Youth Travel Fund Grants   APR 29: Applications Closing  |  Online poster
*Maximum number of participants: 100 

This Summer School is one in a series of biennial SFRR Free Radical Schools. This year, it is being organized as a FEBS Advanced Course in partnership with SFRR-Europe and IUBMB and is sponsored by OCC and ProMoAge.

The course will focus on examining how changes in redox signalling trigger adaptation and the crucial roles of key adaptive processes in preventing cellular degeneration. Emphasis will be given on the role of redox regulation in biological ageing and redox-related models of disease at the molecular, cellular, and organismal levels.

APR 15: Application Deadline Extended  |  Meeting details  |  Online poster

Microfluidic approaches have positively impacted diverse areas such as nucleotide sequencing, functional genomics, single cell and single molecule studies, and biomedical diagnostics. Join Microfluidics 2022 to learn more.
APR 19: Abstract Submission  |  MAY 9: On-site Registration 
JUL 4: Virtual Registration  |   Meeting details  |   Online poster

Are you a researcher looking at how time affects embryonic development? Submit your abstract now for our EMBO Workshop: ‘Timing mechanisms linking #development and #evolution’ taking place
APR 20: Abstract Submission  |  MAY 9: On-site Registration  
Meeting details   |   Online poster

Interested in infection biology? Join us for ‘Innate immunity in host-pathogen interactions’ to discuss infectious diseases, treatment and prevention, based on simultaneous analysis of microbial and host variables.
APR 24: Abstract Submission  |  MAY 15: On-site Registration   
JUL 10: Virtual Registration  |   Meeting details   |   Online poster

The IUBMB Advanced School on COFACTOR ASSEMBLY, TRANSPORT AND INSERTION – Novel insights into their relevance to human health and well-being is held on May 16-20, 2022 in Spetzes, Greece.  
APR 24Abstract Submission and Early Registration Deadline 

How important is phase separation for our understanding of biological processes? Join to discuss & learn from scientists from different fields about condensates in biology and disease.
MAY 2: Virtual Registration   |   Meeting details  |   Online poster

Are you interested in mechanobiology at the molecular, cellular and tissue level? Register now.
MAY 8: Virtual Registration    |    Meeting details   |   Online poster