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It is of our great pleasure to invite all scientists (males and females) worldwide to participate at the 3rd international conference for women in science without borders movement/ network (WISWB) which will be held from 12-14 March 2019 in Egypt. The conference theme will be (Science diplomacy for Sustainable Development). WISWB is an initiative to increase cooperation between females and males scientists on bases of excellence of scientific research where participants of WISWB are expected to present their cutting edge research. First and second WISWB conferences were held in March 2017 & 2018 at Cairo/Egypt and Johannesburg/ South Africa.

All fields of STEM including medicine (science, technology, math and engineering) are eligible for participation in WISWB. Also, related social studies are eligible for participation. Preconference course on science diplomacy/science advice (10-11 March 2019) will be provided for young scientists from developing countries whose contributions (poster/oral) will be accepted. The selection of supported participants will depend on excellence and quality of submission. Generally, the participation at conference is free but participants other than invited and some selected speakers are expected to handle their own expenses (travel expenses, accommodation). Students` competition will be held for Egyptian students according to the fields indicated in the announcement. For further details, please read the attached pdf file and follow the instructions/links inside for submission.


Prof. Amal Amin

Chair of WISWB