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The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is accepting abstracts for presentation at the 2017 annual meeting. Showcase your work about the mechanisms of life to a large, interdisciplinary audience of leading investigators and potential collaborators. Deadline for submission is Nov. 17.

Afternoon Spotlight Session speakers will be chosen exclusively from volunteered abstracts!

Below is a sampling of the abstract categories. For a complete list of topics, please visit our categories page.
2000 – Genome Dynamics: DNA Replication, Repair and Recombination
2020 – Chromatin Structure and Gene Expression
2040 – RNA: Processing, Transport, and Regulatory Mechanisms
2060 – Protein Chemistry, Synthesis and Turnover
2080 – Biomolecular Catalysts
2100 – Chemical Biology, Drug Discovery and Bioanalytical Methods
2120 – Systems Biology Technologies and Applications
2140 – Signal Transduction and Cellular Regulation
2180 – Microbial Systems and Parasitology
2200 – Metabolism and Bioenergetics
2220 – Lipids and Membranes
2240 – Cell and Organelle Dynamics
2300 – Education and Professional Development


Submit your abstract early for a chance to win

Want to win $250? Each week until the Nov. 17 deadline, the ASBMB will enter the names of first authors who submit an abstract (topic categories 2000-2324) into a drawing. One first author will be randomly selected to win a $250 gift card. As a reminder, the Nov. 17 abstract deadline will not be extended.