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Dr Christian AM Wilson is an Assistant Professor of the University of Chile, at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Doctor degree in Biochemistry with a postdoctoral training at the University of California at Berkeley under the supervision of professors Carlos Bustamante and Susan Marqusee. Young scientist (34) who has participated in several projects as principal investigator and was the director of the Network of Studies in biochemistry/biophysics of manipulation of individual molecules (U-redes from University of Chile), where Chilean and foreign scientists actively participate. He has had an outstanding role in the development of new methods for measuring enzyme activity, such as a method for measuring the glycogen synthase, enzyme involved in diabetes which has been used by other investigators. Also, Christian is a national expert in the field of single molecule manipulation and mechanobiology, publishing some interesting work in the area. One paper where he participated was published in Nature, showing a new way to understand enzyme catalysis and the relationship with the heat release from catalysis. He has current collaborations and publications with Chilean (Dr. Francisco Melo and Dr. Jorge Babul among others), and foreign scientists (Dr. Randy Schekman and Dr. Susan Marqusee among others). Dr. Wilson has assembled the first optical tweezers instrument to measure individual molecules in the country. This instrument is currently being used by various groups in LatinAmerica. Moreover, his group has developed a method of DNA dyeing that makes it visible with the naked eye under electrophoresis. It is patented now. Christian has participated in many organizational events, such as workshops of single molecule and courses for Latin American students. He has also created new courses, one called Single Molecule Biochemistry for the PhD level and another called Classics papers in Biochemistry for general level. In addition, he has participated in courses for high school teachers organized by professor Jorge Allende. These courses are intended to convey the basic concepts of proteins and enzymes to teachers so they can improve teaching at schools. It is developed through theoretical and practical classes.

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