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Title: “Gallbladder cancer. Molecular pathology and preclinical studies with potential impact on patient management”.

Dr. Juan Carlos Roa studied medicine at the University of La Frontera and specialized in Surgical Pathology at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC). He did a Fellowship in Molecular Biology at Louisiana State University and a Master in Molecular Oncology in Spain CNIO. In 2010 he was appointed Professor at the University of La Frontera, being Director of Postgraduate Research and director of the Laboratory of Molecular Pathology. Dr. Roa joined the PUC in 2012 and since then has been teaching in undergraduate courses and Functional Morphological Pathology in Medicine and Dentistry and the  medical sciences PhD Program  in medical Sciences and applied cellular and molecular biology  at  PUC and Universidad de La Frontera respectively. He is part of the staff of the residence program in Gastroenterology, Pathology and Medical Oncology being tutor of several PhD students and   Postdoctoral training programs in molecular Oncology. He has participated in numerous research projects FONDECYT, FONDEQUIP, CORFO as a Principal investigator and associate researcher at FONDEF, FONDAP and National Cancer Insitute (USA) projects. He has published more than 215 articles in peer reviewed national and international journals, also author of 13 book chapters. Dr. Roa, he was appointed Chairman of the Department of Pathology in October 2012 and Professor of pathology in 2015 at Pontificia Universidad Catoólica de Chile. He coordinated the creation of the Biobank Medical School who currently heads and is also the head of laboratory of Molecular Pathology for gallbladder Cancer Research.