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Sergio Lavandero, PhD is Full Professor with positions in two academic units (Faculty of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences & Faculty of Medicine) of the Universidad de Chile. Also Dr Lavandero holds an Adjunct Professor position in the Cardiology Division, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (Dallas, Texas). He is author of 223 publications in ISI journals (h index: 48). He is currently Director and Principal Investigator in the FONDAP Advanced Center for Chronic Diseases (2014-2024) and Principal Investigator in the Center for Molecular Studies of the Cell (CEMC). He is Associate Editor of Circulation and member of the editorial boards of American Journal of Physiology (Endocrinology & Metabolism section), Cell Death & Diseases and BBA Molecular Basis of Diseases, He is ad hoc reviewer in many international journals and international scientific research funding institutions and an active member in several national and international scientific societies. He is also member of the Chilean Academy of Sciences. His research lines are: a) Mitochondrial dynamics and cardiac diseases. b) Regulation of mitochondrial dynamics and metabolism by insulin in the heart and skeletal muscle. c) ER-mitochondria communication. d) IGF-1 receptor signaling pathways in the heart. e) Primary cilia and heart function.