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Structural and biophysical methods for biological macromolecules in solution

14 – 20 October 2019 | Santiago, Chile

About the Global Exchange Lecture Course

Structural methods applicable to solutions facilitate structural and functional studies on biological macromolecules under close to native conditions. Fully exploiting this opportunity allows one to extract the maximum amount of biologically meaningful information and to relate the structural results to the function of the system. The main objective of this EMBO course is to train graduate students and postdocs in state-of-the-art methods to study biological macromolecules in solution. We aim at a comprehensive coverage of the major structural and biophysical techniques employed for characterization of high and low resolution structure and structural transitions, macromolecular complex formation, protein folding, stability, interactions and enzymatic mechanisms.

This EMBO Global Exchange Lecture Course will include lectures on:

  • Small-angle X­ray and neutron scattering (SAXS/SANS)
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
  • Light scattering, hydrodynamic, calorimetric and spectroscopic approaches
  • Cryo­electron microscopy (cryo­EM)
  • Bioinformatic tools to analyse protein-­protein interactions
  • crystallography (MX)

Special attention will be paid to interdisciplinary approaches, where the synergistic use of complementary techniques leads to a comprehensive description of macromolecular systems.

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