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Heidelberg, 20 December 2017 – EMBO, together with its intergovernmental funding body, EMBC, has signed a cooperation agreement with the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research in Chile (CONICYT) to strengthen scientific exchange and collaboration between Chile and Europe.

EMBO Director Maria Leptin says: “International collaboration beyond national borders is a vital component of successful science. We are very pleased to form this partnership with CONICYT, which will enable us to encourage and facilitate stronger interactions between life scientists in Europe and those in Chile.”

The cooperation agreement will take effect on 1 January 2018. As a result, researchers working in Chile will be eligible to participate in EMBO programmes and activities. They will be able to apply for funding for fellowships, research exchanges, and scientific courses and workshops. They will also be eligible for the EMBO Young Investigator Programme.

The President of CONICYT Council, Mario Hamuy, says: “The study of the processes at the molecular level has become very important in the last decade. In this context, signing this agreement enabling Chilean researchers to access the programmes and activities offered by EMBO, such as fellowships, courses and workshops, is a great opportunity for researchers in Chile. It will help them to continue generating cutting-edge knowledge and to interact with the most prestigious researchers in this area.”

“Increased interaction between scientists in Chile and Europe will support the formation of strong networks and collaborative activities,” adds Gerrit van Meer, President of the European Molecular Biology Conference (EMBC). “We look forward to Chilean life scientists being able to benefit from EMBO activities.“