Let's help Chilean networks to build your Web site

Let's help Chilean networks to build your Web site

Are who ReCh?

Platform networks Chile (ReCh) brings together 14 networks of researchers as Chileans abroad and Chile:

  1. Network of researchers as Chileans in Canada REDICEC
    2. Chilean Students Association at University of California, Davis ChileUCD
    3 scientists Chileans in the USA ties CHILE-USA
    4 The Chilean Research Group of The University of Melbourne CREGA
    5 UQ Chile Association, University of Queensland, Australia. UQCHILE
    6. Chilean Student Association at UNSW Chisa@UNSW
    7-The University of Manchester Chilean Society UoMCS
    8 network of researchers as Chileans in Spain (network INCHE)
    9 researchers Chileans in Switzerland ICES
    10 Association of researchers and students in Wageningen AIECh Chileans
    11 Chilean researchers in the Netherlands (In-NL)
    12 ANIP
    13 Chileberk (UC Berkeley)
    14. more science to Chile

We have the desire to promote the changes that the Chilean scientific institutions need, since the creation of the Ministry of science and technology, the increase in basal resources for research, to the improvement of the terms of contracts and grants.
The general coordinator of ReCh is Italo Cuneo (UC Davis), and 6 working committees have been established: communications, scholarships; Mechanisms of remuneration of Chile scholarships; Investment in research in Chile; Inclusion of researchers in Chile; Barcelona (until Oct, 2016) meetings. Additionally formed a General Council, made up of representatives of all the networks.

But we have a problem

ReCh we see the prevailing need to build a Web site that will help us to coordinate our efforts, charts, profiles of researchers and alliances. But as the dynamics of the network is based on volunteers, we want to ask them a monetary support symbolic to each one of you (who can) and thus be able to hire someone so you set up the site.

You can deliver your monetary support in


If you want to learn more about ReCh, please contact us at: