Scholarship postdoctoral fellow in the IFIBYNE-UBA CONICET


Title of the project: Study of changes of pH and its effects on synaptic transmission using molecular sensors

Description: The project includes two objectives complementary. On the one hand the development of molecular sensors sensitive to the pH which may refer specifically to the neural structures involved in synaptic transmission. On the other hand the use of sensors to analyze the changes of pH that are generated during synaptic activity in the microdominio of the same. These measurements will analyze in the context of the changes of pH as a modulation of neural information transfer mechanism. Initial studies will be made with a sensor already developed by our group and successfully tested. The methodology experimental will include techniques of biology molecular and biotechnology, as well as from images and Electrophysiology.

Start date: To agree within the next 3 months, or in its defect presentation to the CONICET with date of initiation the 1st of April 2016

Director: Dr. Osvaldo D. Uchitel, researcher CONICET

Co-Director: Dr. Sonia at Wirth Research Assistant CONICET
Both of the project in its aspect of design molecular of the sensors: Dr. Alejandro Colman Lerner (researcher independent, CONICET) and Dr. Matias Blaustein (Research Assistant, CONICET)

Place of work: IFIBYNE (UBA-CONICET) and Lab of biotechnology of the DFBMC. Faculty of exact and natural sciences, UBA

Requirements: PhD in chemistry, biology, biotechnology or related areas.
The applicant must have obtained the title of Doctor or be willing to obtain it in the next 3 months of the so-called

Contact: Send cover letter and CV a: by June 29, 2015.

For clarification or details call 45763368 or 3386 int 108 (Dr. Uchitel)