Welcome to the doctorate in Sciences, biophysics and computational biology

Welcome to the doctorate in Sciences, biophysics and computational biology

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01/09/2017 to 31/10/2017

The Doctoral Sciences Program with mention in Biophysics and Computational Biology aims to train scientists who are able to understand biological processes through their physical-mathematical formalization. The latter needs the integration of interdisciplinary studies covering everything from molecular level to mathematical modeling. Our graduates are expected to be leaders in the discipline, developing knowledge about the structure, function and organization of the nervous system and its components.

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The graduate of the Doctoral Program in Sciences with mention in Biophysics and Computational Biology will have the knowledge and the ability to contribute significantly actively (theoretical and experimental) to the development of the different areas that constitute the discipline. It will be able to propose, design and implement experimental strategies to evaluate hypotheses. He will also be able to lead research groups of the highest level in one of two areas: mathematical modeling of biological phenomena related to Biophysics and Computational Biology, and the physical basis of the functioning, structure and interactions of biomacromolecules.

Objectives of the Programme:

• Train researchers with a solid training in molecular biology, cellular and methods in computational biology, such as bioinformatics, models in structural biology and computational neuroscience applied at different levels of biological organization.

• Contribute to the training of scientists capable of contributing to the development of education, health and technology, areas that are in full expansion.

• Promote and strengthen collaboration and exchange between national and international scientists, from different areas, from molecular biology to theoretical and applied biology

• Strengthen, at the regional level, the integration of research in basic science and its numerical applications in the areas of health, engineering, robotics, among others.