Candidate to scholarship postdoctoral PDTS-CIN

For joint project between CEQUIBIEM (Centro de Estudios chemical and biological mass spectrometry) and Fundación Pablo Cassara: Fellow doctoral post for study of biosimilarity project.

Area: Development of Biosimilars-proteomics

Responsible researcher: Dr. Silvia Moreno

Task force: Dr. Pia Valacco CEQUIBIEM, Dr. Alejandro Parola (Fund. Cassara).

Title of the project:

Project PDTS-CIN: Platform of analysis of biosimilarity of protein recombinant

Project: The overall objective of this project is the development of a platform of analysis of the biosimilarity in terms of the primary structure of recombinant protein using proteomic and glicomicos methods. This platform will be used, among others, by the Faculty and by the Fundación Pablo Cassara to meet the demand for biotechnology companies that need to have tools for analytical comparability of recombinant proteins. Is expected that this platform have an impact in the line of development of Biosimilars limiting them times of development as well as selecting with bases scientific that proteins that best comply with criteria of biosimilarity. The comparability data will support regulatory authorities against recombinant proteins registration process.

The postdoctorando activities: Using mass spectrometry and protein chemistry tools the postdoctorando will be responsible for optimizing the development and analysis of recombinant proteins for use as Biosimilars, through the following specific objectives

(1) in terms of its total mass protein characterization, sequence amino acid, disulfide bridges, posttranslational modifications.

(2) full characterization of the component glycosidic of a glycoprotein in terms of type, location and number of unions of Glycans to protein structure, type, and quantification of sugars components, as well as profiles of oligosaccharide components.

The intern requirements:

Which profile do we seek? We are looking for a doctor (PhD before the 31/3/17) in biology, biochemistry, biotechnology or related fields, of up to 39 years, having experience in protein chemistry. It is desirable, but not exclusive, have experience in management of microorganisms (such as bacteria or yeast). It is desirable that you are interested in developing a biotechnology project (and/or have experience in some sort of technological project applied).

Place of execution of the grant: Department of Biological Chemistry (FCEN-UBA), CABA - Fundación Pablo Cassara characteristics of scholarship: Postdoctoral Dear Home: April 2017. Duration: 2 years

Contact: send C.V. and contact telephone is appreciated that they specify a milestone in a short paragraph (working or not) in their lives, and the reason for which apply to this scholarship.

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