Chilean scientist explains patterned Navarro why "it is ridiculous to say that vaccines have mercury"

Chilean scientist explains patterned Navarro why "it is ridiculous to say that vaccines have mercury"

"Only time will tell who is right". Thus defended Tuesday the Senator and presidential candidate Alejandro Navarro regarding the controversy that down again after its closed support groups antivacunas, to ensure that they contain mercury and that it is harmful to health.

But yesterday, in the programA generous radio country Zerothe standard bearer received a hard blow on the part of the scientist and director of the Center for the communication of the science at the Universidad Andrés Bello,Gabriel Leon, who explained in detail to the panelists of the space "is ridiculous to say that vaccines have mercury".

"Absolutely ruled out", began by saying Leon that vaccines may cause autism, as says Navarro, or health problems. ""Talk about mercury in vaccines does not make any sense, the vaccines do not have mercury. They have a preservative which is called thimerosal and that in its structure contains an atom of mercury, but not mercury. It is as saying that you as the water has oxygen and I can breathe water, because it has oxygen. "No, chemically speaking are different", explained.

"The controversy of this matter began in United States at the end of the 90's when it began to make a review of all who were in American laboratories and products containing mercury.Among those appeared the thimerosal.At that time it was unknown what was the maximum safe dose and, therefore, a molecule that is different is used as standard, and in one of four standards that limit is exceeded. In the absence of solid evidence, some States decided to remove thimerosal in some vaccines", says the expert.

Leon explains that "thimerosal is only used in vaccines that are multidose, a jar that is punctured several times to puncture several people. And began to use because in the Decade of the ' 20 in Australia 14 children died when a vaccine were contaminated by clicking several times a bottle. There he began to use preservative, which is a molecule that prevents the development of bacteria in vaccines.Then, not all vaccines are thimerosal, only those that are multi-dose“.

"In United States at that time as it was not known what was the limit, is decided to make another molecule which has a relatively similar structure but a different toxicity. In California, for example, thimerosal was completely eliminated.And in this context, a group of parents of children with autism raises the hypothesis that autism would be a new form of mercury poisoning", says the scientist.

Do based on what? "Absolutely nothing", explains Gabriel Leon. "A study published in a journal called medical hypothesis, which, at the time when this publication was done in 1998, had no editorial or review by peers (scientists), but simply because it occurred", adds.

"If you look at the symptoms of poisoning by mercury and compares them by autism not seem absolutely nothing. However, they tried to put together two facts: that thimerosal in some vaccines more had what they called an epidemic of autism in the United States, that basically occurred because they changed the guidelines of diagnosis and autism was newly included in year 94′ and therefore began to diagnose most frequently", he explains.

According to Leon, at that time were created groups of parents and one of them gets up this story. "If that hypothesis were true, it should happen that if you remove thimerosal from vaccines, then the rate of autism should begin to download. And that has been done.There are a lot of studies, at least seven very large, in Denmark, in Finland, in the United States, in Japan, where at the end of the ' 90s was eliminated thimerosal and autism rate did not fall, therefore, the hypothesis does not hold", concludes.

Leon said that mercury can occur in several ways: the metallic mercury - which is on the thermometer, for example - as as organic salts of mercury and inorganic mercury salts. "In different presentations have different toxicities and that can be studied without any problem. "In fact, has a molecule that has mercury called methylmercury and that molecule takes place in environments where there are bacteria that process methyl mercury, and that is super toxic", he says and adds that all this is regulated.

"In the case of ethyl mercury, which is that carry vaccines, the amount that takes in the vaccines is safe (...) and on the other hand, autism is a spectrum of disorders of different magnitude: there are children who have almost no symptoms and other much stronger. Recent studies that have been done reveal that structural disorders in the brain appear as early as in embryonic development, i.e.the fetus inside the uterus of the mother already presents a different pattern of children who do develop autism, much before receiving any vaccine", explains.

And added: "by the way, autism was described much before which had vaccinations. Then, try to link autism with vaccines simply meaningless". Leon also referred to the "experts" who mentioned Senator Navarro in his speech, with respect to a meeting with "Bioautismo".

"That famous expert that they brought has been removed you your license of doctor in all States of the United States for malpractice; He has a lab in the basement of his house, with unplugged computers. The New York Times did a story several years ago.The type is a professional swindler. He began selling a therapy for autism, a thing that is degenerada because he cheats to vulnerable super parents and sells them a therapy with hormones that chemically castrates to autistic children.That guy is a beast and that was the expert who brought Bioautismo to Chile in an irresponsibility that has no name. They roamed the Congress and carried him as Advisor", explains Leon."

Autism does not treatment, then? "Autism today is a genetic condition which has one of the highest rates of heritability, so there is a genetic component which is very strong. The likelihood of having a second child with autism after having one is very high. "Obviously, we are not only genomes and there can be environmental factors ranging from the genetic hand", explains.

"For example, it had discovered that girls who have grandmothers who had smoked during pregnancy were more likely to develop autism. That is an environmental factor that probably goes hand in hand with a genetic factor.The presentation of autism is very wide, that refers to disorder of autism spectrum disorders.You can have children who are very independent that they have few detectable problems during its development and you can have children who are totally dependent on their parents, who no longer talk and lose sphincter control. What is thought today is depending upon the gene pool that is affected to the degree that will express this condition", explains the scientist.

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