Scientific medicine Nobel winner will come to Chile in November

Scientific medicine Nobel winner will come to Chile in November

Researcher Michael Rosbash reach Valparaiso this year to participate in the XIV Latin American Symposium of Chronobiology, opportunity that will have two interventions.

Valparaiso-between 14 and 18 November the University of Valparaíso held theXIV Latin American chronobiology Symposiumthat will be attended by the scientist recently recognized with the Nobel Prize in medicine for his contribution in the discovery of the biological clock in living beings.
It was this morning when the Nobel Committee announced that Michael Rosbash, along with Jeffrey C. Hall and Michael W. Young, were the winners by the institution.
Rosbash, who is a professor at Brandeis University and a researcher at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, llegara to Chile next month to be part of the event organized by the Universityin the Fifth Region, opportunity in which will participate in the workshop of neural models of the rhythmic Physiology along with four other scientists.
In addition, on November 17 it will give a Conference for Symposium attendees.
This intervention was confirmed by doctor John Ewer, researcher at the Interdisciplinary Center for Neuroscience at the University of Valparaíso, who not only know the scientists awarded this morning, but that he also shared the work with them.

The Chilean researcher who worked with the Nobel

It was in the Decade of 1980 when Dr. Ewer traveled to Boston, United States, for its doctoral program, opportunity in which had the support of Jeffrey C. Hall and worked with Michael Rosbash in their research on the biological clock.
I was Jeffrey Hall PhD student, and did part of the work with Michael Rosbash between 1984 and 1990", and at the time this story was well recently, have had isolated recently one of the main molecules that generate the workings of the clock, so it was a time in which one medium pioneer felt", says Ewer to Emol.
Upon receiving the news that his colleagues had been awarded, the academician of the Valparaiso University expressed that he is "very happy" and that already sent their congratulations directly to scientists, recalling that it is of "two characters very" interesting".
"I worked with them closely for four years and it was all very entertaining, with very different personalities [...]"Michael Rosbash is a very dynamic person, and Jeffrey Hall is much quieter", he says and adds laughingly that"Jeff Hall is surely the most striped of the two".
Currently the national expert continues its work in this area of medicine, pointing to "how coordinate different circadian clocks in the body".