Academic academic post contest

Faculty of natural and oceanographic Sciences Division

Botany Department

Matter : Academic competition
Code application : BOT-02 Charge : Full-time academic position
(a) title professional : Biologist, biochemist, agronomist or equivalent education.
b) studies : Holding a PhD in Sciences with specialization in plant physiology.
(c) experience : It seeks a / to physiologist/vegetable, interested in the physiological processes involved in the response to abiotic environmental stress in plants (e.g. water relations, photosynthesis, respiration). Will be especially valued a research profile focused on physiological processes, but with ability to develop experimental laboratory and field studies, as well as use of molecular tools for problem solving physiological.

Demonstrable experience in scientific research in plant physiology through publications in mainstream of specialty magazines.

Direction of research projects and postdoctoral experience is desirable.

Teaching experience within the field of plant physiology is desirable.

(d) others : Available to do teaching and management of undergraduate and graduate and direct thesis, seminars and research units.
Ability to lead projects of research and development scientific and teaching.
Willingness to be part of collaborative efforts with research groups already exist in the Department.
In the case of applicants non-Spanish speakers, they must have knowledge sufficient for teaching in this language.
Availability : 02-05-2018
Background reception : Up to 29-03-2018
Reviews : Required application documents:
1. certificates of professional qualification and academic degrees
2 complete Curriculum vitae
3. Summary of indexes cientometricos (N ° of published papers, citations and h-index)
4. letter of presentation and intentions of academic development
5 letters of reference (2)
Send resume to : Doc BOT-02 Universidad de Concepción, address Personal.Casilla 160-C, 3 email, conception.
More information :

The University of Concepción provides equal opportunities and gender equality

The faculty or Division reserves the right to carry out interviews and to desert the contest
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