Academic competition in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the Faculty of biological sciences, University of Concepción

Matter : Academic competition
Code application : BBM-01 Charge : Full-time academic position
(a) title professional : Biochemist, biologist, biomedical engineer or equivalent
b) studies : Ph.d. in biological sciences, cell biology and Molecular, or equivalent
(c) experience : Doctoral or postdoctoral experience abroad, and at least 1 postdoctoral fellow, with emphasis on the analysis of mass sequencing
(d) others : -Scientific productivity of the last 5 years of publications at least 5 WOS.
-Experience in the production and analysis of massive data (NGS), demonstrable sequencing through high-impact scientific publications.
-Additional experience in the areas of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is desirable.
-Demonstrate participation in national and international projects.
-Demonstrate ability to perform independent research, enabling it to obtain financing for their line of research in the short term.
-The teaching of undergraduate and/or postgraduate experience is desirable.
-Present a line of own research, with a solid combination of techniques of molecular biology and the use of bioinformatic tools for the analysis of NGS.
-Advanced level of written and spoken English. Applicants who are not Spanish-speaking must demonstrate an advanced level of Spanish.
-Lead and maintain a group of independent research with a strong use of Bioinformatics as a tool of analysis. Special emphasis in the genomics area and/or Transcriptomics is expected.
-Make teaching of undergraduate and graduate; the teaching will increase gradually, in the first year, favoring the inclusion of the selected in the research activities.
-Insert and participate actively in activities associated with the graduate of the Faculty of biological Cs.
-Expected their capacities to contribute to teaching and research that is carried out in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
-Insert at the University of Concepción in their tasks of administration and broadcasting.
Availability : 01-12-2017
Background reception : Up to 03-11-2017
Reviews : Send Curriculum Vitae blind (non-photo), copy legalized academic grade, letter describing the academic to develop project and two letters of recommendation.

History will not be returned.

Send resume to : Cod. BBM-01 Personal address. Building Virginio Gomez, 3rd floor. University quarter. Box 160-C, email 3 conception.
More information : Address Dept. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Marta Bunster,, phone 56-41-2204428 / 2203822

The University of Concepción provides equal opportunities and gender equality.

The faculty or Division reserves the right to carry out interviews and to desert the contest
Curriculum history will not be returned

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