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Franco German financing program ofClimate, energy and Earth system researchofresearch groupswithin the framework of the implementation of the Paris Agreement (MOPGA-GRI)

First deadline phase: October 13.

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Objectives of the programme
Germany and France invite researchers from around the world to cooperate with partners (partners) Germans and Frenchmen to advance in the research of sustainability in the following fields:

  1. Research of theclimate change.
    2. research of theenergy transition.
    3. research for theunderstanding the Earth system.

    The / selected as / as for the program will have the opportunity to establish their own German group of research at a university or Research Institute for a period of up to four years.

Who can participate?
Both researchers may apply as experienced youth / ACE of all nationalities who have not resided in Germany in the past two years. The young researchers must have completed their doctorate with honors at least two years prior to the deadline (deadline) to the program.

Expected that the applicants have a great history of publications and/or patents and wish to develop a project that is very original and innovative in a university or German Research Institute of your choice.


DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service
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The "International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology" provides support to the Organization of scientific events in life sciences in the Member States of the ICCGEB [in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador,] Mexico, Peru, Panama, Uruguay, Venezuela]. The following initiatives can be funded

  • Meetings ICGEB: organisadas in the ICGEB components(Trieste, Italy; New Delhu, India; South Africa, Cape Town)> Up to €50,000
  • ICGEB workshops: to be co-sponsored by the Institute where carried out. > Up to €25,000
  • Course ICGEB: theoretical and/or practical > up to €15,000
  • ICGEB & "The Future of Science": for high media interest or particular public relevance issues and/or to examine, in a public context, innovative scientific developments with high social impact. > Up to €10,000
  • Sponsorship of other scientific reunionen: for scientific events on topics of relevance to the ICGEB and which are carried out in a Member State. > Up to €5,000

Deadline: February 28.

More information:

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