They appoint to the new National Committee on Antarctic Research 2019-2022

They appoint to the new National Committee on Antarctic Research 2019-2022

Punta Arenas, 1 July 2019.-The National Antarctic Research Committee has new members for the next four years. The six researchers were appointed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs by a Ministerial Decree under the undisputed track record, experience and academic prestige in their specialties.

This National Committee for Antarctic Research is responsible for representing the national scientific community before the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research (SCAR) and advising the Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH) programming their activities.

It should be noted that six representatives are appointed: one holder and one alternate from each of the three permanent scientific groups. The 2019-2022 Committee will consist of:

  • Earth Sciences
    • Raúl Cordero Carrasco, PhD in Engineering Sciences. University of Santiago de Chile.
    • Francisco Fernandoy Pedreros, PhD in Geosciences. Andrés Bello University (substitute).
  • Life Sciences
    • Marely Cuba Díaz, PhD in Biochemistry. Concepción University.
    • Elie Poulin Charmolue, PhD in Ecology and Evolution. University of Chile (substitute).
  • Physical Sciences
    • Marina Stepanova, PhD in Space Physics. University of Santiago de Chile.
    • Jorge Carrasco Cerda, PhD in Atmospheric Sciences. University of Magellan (substitute).

The director of INACH, Dr. Marcelo Leppe Cartes, noted that "this committee corresponds to the national chapter of SCAR, the most important international forum in Antarctic science. These members are chosen among the most productive researchers in Chilean polar science in recent years. They are nominated by INACH and the decision is ratified by the Minister of Foreign Affairs."

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