PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Chile

PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Chile

Maintenance Scholarships
Students can apply for CONICYT support scholarships. In addition, our program has scholarships of the Faculty which allows 100% of students to dedicate themselves to their academic activities. In addition, for those students who do not hold CONICYT scholarships, students can apply for tariff scholarships at our Faculty.

Stays abroad
The Department of Postgraduate and Postgraduate of the Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs has a program whose objective is to support the realization of thesis, facilitating the visit of students to research centers of excellence outside the country.
The Faculty of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences has established an agreement with the University of Regensburg, Germany and is managing agreements with other institutions for the realization of joint theses in cotutela and double degree.

Who can apply for our program?
Applicants should show outstanding academic performance and are expected to be motivated to contribute to scientific knowledge through research activities and awareness of the challenges this requires, especially in the critical spirit and creativity. It is also necessary to develop skills in the management of the English language, to have the capacity to work in multidisciplinary research teams and to be willing to conduct research stays abroad.


The following must be attached:

  • Application form (withdraw from the Graduate School Secretariat or
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of identity card on both sides or passport in case of foreign students
  • Certificate of notes including final average with and without title memory and promotion egress range
  • Two confidential letters of recommendation.
  • Photo ID
  • Mandatory Health Insurance (for foreigners)


  • Reading a scientific publication in English and subsequent discussion before the Committee.
  • Written proof of concepts of Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology.
  • Interview with the Committee.

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