Named postdoctoral researchers USACH contest

Named postdoctoral researchers USACH contest

The center of biotechnology aquaculture (CBA) of the University of Santiago of Chile, within the framework of the contest Fondecyt postdoctoral 2018 summons to the (the) candidates (s) interested (I) to apply to postdoctoral researchers contest in order to grant his patronage institutional, incorporating the candidates to the consolidated research groups.

Interested should have the degree of doctor (obtained from 2013 onwards) and develop your project in any of the following topics:

  1. Relation Patogeno-hospedero
  2. Microbiota
  3. Innate immune response
  4. Acquired immune response
  5. Virology

Applications for the institutional sponsorship of the CBA must include the following documents:

-Letter of motivation describing academic background and motivations to run sponsored by the CBA, indicating the Professor and thematic line to which they ascribe (maximum 3 pages).

-Curriculum Vitae

-Brief project proposal (maximum 3 pages).

The (I) candidate (s) selected (s) shall draw up their application to Fondecyt support projects of the (the) researcher (a) sponsor. If scholarships are awarded, would be integrated to the work of the CBA research, and may also engage in other activities in the fields of teaching, academic networks and links with the middle.

Older history can be consult them in

Nominations should be sent to the Director of the CBA, University of Santiago de Chile, Dr. Eugenio Spencer

Eugenio Spencer Ossa
Director Center for biotechnology aquaculture

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