Beans: revitalizing an ancestral and healthy food consumption

Beans: revitalizing an ancestral and healthy food consumption

Granados, with reins or grits are just some of the preparations of this dish that for generations had prominence in cookhouses and family lunch, which was losing by several factors such as its low profitability and their replacement by others sources of protein as meat. This situation is that a group of researchers from the University of Chile seeks to reverse highlighting their important health benefits.

Different types of vegetables consumed in our country, and in particular the beans, are a type of food rich in protein, fiber and vitamins, and which forms part of the diet of those who populate these latitudes for centuries.

However, during the last decades its consumption has decreased, due to a number of factors including changes in the dietary habits, prejudices against these foods, lower production by farmers and low sale prices.

In order to counteract this, a group of researchers from the Faculty of agronomic Sciences, the Institute of nutrition and technology of food (INTA), and the Faculty of social sciences, gathered in the Centre of research "Vital ABC", are developing theproject "the Chilean bean: transdisciplinary studies to promote its value".

The aim is not only to encourage the consumption of beans in the country, with an emphasis on its benefits for the health of the population, but also its production by farmers, rescuing numerous local varieties that exist throughout the country, innovating and rescuing traditional recipes at the same time.