PREDOCTORAL and Postdoctoral positions in the laboratory of Dr. L. Birnbaumer

Dear members:

Laboratory of Pharmacology and ion channel function offers positions Postdoctoral and PREDOCTORAL in the research group Dr. Lutz Birnbaumer is creating in the Argentina.

Title of the project: Quaternary structure and function of channels formed by ORAIs or TRPCs

Study of Assembly and activation of these channels in response to agonists that mobilize Ca2 + by the hydrolysis of phospholipids. Methods: Biochemistry of multiproteicos membrane complexes consist of molecules with tags immunological or fluorescent; development of cell lines with modified genomes; visualization of molecular interactions by FRET and BiFC. Molecular and cellular biology.

Start date: To reach an agreement within the next few months. Early-stage finance in charge of the laboratory. Be expected to the candidates to present scholarships pre-or postdoctoral within the first year of stay.

Director: Dr. Lutz Birnbaumer

Requirements: Bachelor's degree/PhD in chemistry, biology, biotechnology or related Areas.

Contact: Send cover letter and CV a:
For clarification or details call 15-5335-5734 (Dr. Birnbaumer)