Project created by the Ministry of science and technology

Project created by the Ministry of science and technology

Legislative advances to the 22/11/17
The Bill that created the Ministry of science and technology (Bulletin No. 11.101-19), entered the January 23, 2017 the Senate of the Republic (Chamber of origin) was dispatched completely by Committee on the challenges of the future, science, technology and innovation (First constitutional procedure) in their particular discussion (second regulatory procedure) and sent to the plenary session of the Senate so that it voted in particular.

See Bill that created the Ministry of science and technology (link)

The project not be has found in table of the session plenary 62 °, 63° or 64° of the Senate for a vote.

What's coming
The project was fully dispatched by the Committee on the challenges of the future, science, technology and innovation, and must be put into table a next plenary session of the Senate for a particular vote. In the table of the ordinary session N ° 62, 63 and 64 of the day Wednesday 22, Thursday, 23 and Friday, 24 November 2017 still not had been included in the table.
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Procedure constitutional in the formation of the law (source:) BCN)
(i) in the case of the Bill that created the Ministry of science and technology, was originated by message N ° 338-364, assigning the number of 11.101-04 bulletin.

First constitutional procedure:

(ii) the project became the Chamber of origin (Senate) where he spent the Commission of education and culture, for a study of the text.

III) General discussion": occurs when the Commission reports to the room, where all MPs vote to approve or reject the"idea of legislate”.

IV.i) if approved, the project returns to the Commission and is being studied in detail.

IV.II) if it is rejected, the project can no-show but even within a year.

IV) Particular discussion: once studied the draft from the Commission, it is sent to the Senate Chamber where you analyze and each item of text votes.

Second constitutional procedure

(v) the process is same as the first constitutional procedure (the revising House studied the project in commissions and is voted in room, both in general as in particular).

VI) if the project is approved, is sent to the President of the Republic.

(vii) the President signs the project and becomes law, going into effect to be published in the official journal, unless transitional arrangements.

Third constitutional procedure (eventually if the review camera makes changes to the project, sent to the Chamber of origin so that they are approved).

VIII) the Chamber of origin reviews and approves changes to the revising Chamber.

IX) the House of origin may not approve the changes: in that case both Chambers together generate a new text.

To know in detail the constitutional procedure of the formation of the law, see the following diagram.

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