Seminar SMAT-C Department of physics University of Santiago, Tuesday, September 1.

Seminar SMAT-C Department of physics University of Santiago, Tuesday, September 1.


You are cordially invited to participate the next day Tuesday 1 September at 1300 hours, the seminar presented by the Dr. Nathalie Casanova, ex - student of engineering physics in our University and that is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Institute of physical of the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile. The Dr. Casanova will present his work titled

"Nanosensors and interest biomedical nanomaterials."

The seminar is will dictate in the room of conferences (third floor block B) of the Department of physical of the University of Santiago of Chile.

We look forward to your presence.

Best regards Romina Muñoz B.


Nanotechnology presents a transversal and multi-disciplinary character that surrounds all scientific disciplines. This technology allows to create materials and devices with unique properties and applications in diverse areas such as: Electronics, development of polymers and ceramic materials science, biomedicine, etc. Many problems of biological and medical interest are fundamental specimens of dimensions in the range of nanometer, positioning the nanotechnology as a promising way to deal with them. In this work it will show as an interdisciplinary effort we are developing materials to scale Nano combination with techniques of measurement in the physical sciences that can be used in molecular diagnostics processes. In particular, the use of biosensors that use defects in solids and Nanoporous membranes is considered. It will be displayed, for example, the advances obtained in biological sensors of porous alumina capable of detecting the peptide Aβ related to Alzheimer's disease. Also the progress in the implementation of optical tweezers in order to know the mechanical properties of molecules related to the red tide. Finally, the progress made in the creation of biocompatible by plasma discharge materials will be displayed.