20th anniversary of the disciplinary program of Immunology

20th anniversary of the disciplinary program of Immunology

Thursday 08 November at Aula Magna Dr. Gabriel Gasic L., located on the campus North of the Faculty of medicine, University of Chile, Av. independence 1027, Santiago.

In this event, we will have the remarkable participation of the DRS. Michel Nussenzweig and Arturo Ferreira as speakers.
Dr. Nussenzweig, The Rockefeller University, USA, is an immunologist, internationally recognized for his contributions that is fundamental to the field of innate and adaptive Immunology and the development of human antibodies neutralizing tested in studies Clinical prevention and therapy for HIV and other infectious diseases.

For his part, Dr. Ferreira, founder and first Director of our program, is a researcher's extensive national and international experience in the field of Immunology and parasitology. His studies have been a major contribution to the knowledge of the system of the complement, major complex of histocompatibility, angiogenesis, protein chaperones and tumor development.

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