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Mass Extinctions: Learning from the fossil record

with Seth Finnegan 
7 pm – Wednesday, February 1
Cafe Valparaiso
1403 Solano Ave.
Albany, California


Paleontologist Seth Finnegan takes us on a journey through the fossil record for a deeper understanding of mass extinctions and shares some of the current debates surrounding them.

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Ken Goldberg & John Zysman in conversation
6:30pm – Thursday, January 26 
Mechanics’ Institute
57 Post Street, San Francisco, CA
What are the social and economic impacts of technology, robotics and AI on work and employment? Will human beings be completely replaced in the work force? What new jobs will be created and which industries most effected? What will we do with time on our hands and how will we “earn a living”? Two experts in this field will sort out these complicated dynamics, dispel misconceptions, and offer both the short and long view.

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