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With additional research effort currently focused on SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19, and the usual work of many scientists affected by issues such as lab and university closures, this newsletter brings you COVID-related news and content from the FEBS Press journals and the FEBS Network platform. For interest beyond the pandemic, it also highlights thematic collections from the journals and recent Network posts on other topics. 


FEBS Press: COVID-19 update

Publishing your papers
Our journals – The FEBS JournalFEBS LettersFEBS Open Bio and Molecular Oncology – have been able to continue offering efficient services to authors. They understand that many researchers are displaced from their labs, and so are happy to give revision extensions when requested. COVID-related submissions are being fast-tracked through the review and publication process, and usually receive a decision within 1–2 weeks.

COVID-19 articles

Latest FEBS Press Special Issues









Enzyme Promiscuity and Evolution, a Special Issue from The FEBS Journal, presents ten expert reviews that delve into the intricacies of this topic, particularly in the context of cellular metabolism.
Adenoviruses: Biology, Disease and Therapy, a FEBS Letters Special Issue edited by Urs Greber, covers all aspects of adenoviral biology, including structure, function, immune evasion, therapeutic approaches and evolution.
Cell Cycle Control, a FEBS Letters Special Issue edited by Jörg Mansfeld and Alexis Barr, focuses on the tightly controlled mechanisms that underlie progression through the cell cycle, and how dysregulation of these processes can lead to disease.
Don’t miss Part 2 of each of the FEBS Letters Special Issues, coming soon.


FEBS Network: COVID-19 update

COVID-related posts on the FEBS Network span undergraduate teaching resources, perspectives on researcher life at this unusual time, and comment on issues for debate. Contributions are being gathered in a Coronavirus insights room. Here’s a flavour:

Missing in-person discussions on your research subject? A ‘room’ for your topic on the FEBS Network could help; find out more about applying to set one up from the post Build an online community for your research area  

Discover more on the FEBS Network: May 2020 highlights








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