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Some highlights include:

Our research labs are highly collaborative with each other. Developing technologies are readily accessible and facilitated by PhD scientists in our core facilitiesa unique feature of doing research at the Stowers Institute.



Thesis laboratories are not assigned. After completing 4 months of module courses, predoctoral researchers rotate through three laboratories of their choosing and pick a thesis laboratory based on their preference, the lab availability, and the laboratory mentor approval.



Outstanding benefits, including a $37,080 salary for the duration of the program, are guaranteed to each predoctoral researcher who maintains a good academic standing. The Stowers Institute is located in Kansas City, Missouri, which is an affordable and vibrant city that offers something for everyone.


Experience Stowers Labs through Summer Scholars Program

Research opportunity for undergrads and recent grads.

Benefits Include:

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The Stowers Institute for Medical Research is a non-profit institution dedicated to improving human health through basic biomedical research. Our laboratories are run by established scientists who publish in top peer-reviewed journals and perform cutting-edge research in fields such as chromatin biology, neuroscience, developmental biology, and cell division.