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Please find attached the Scientist job posting for our company.

As a Scientific Lead for Diassess Inc., you will be responsible for planning and overseeing the assay development for our rapid diagnostic device. You will apply knowledge of biology, biochemistry, and biomechanical principles to assist in the design, development, and evaluation of our rapid diagnostic test for infectious disease detection.

About us: Diassess is a startup striving to transform the way infectious diseases are diagnosed. We are developing a disposable test kit that allows any cell phone to perform rapid DNA-based disease detection, in a clinic or at-home, within 20 minutes. This technology bypasses centralized medical lab testing and streamlines patient care. Diassess has received multiple government grants as well as private funding. Diassess is currently located in Emeryville, CA.

Our Vision: Healthcare costs are 18% of USA GDP, 50 million Americans are uninsured, and in some regions of the world, healthcare is nonexistent. Our company is trying to upend the current institutional practice of healthcare, in America and around the world. Ideal candidates will share our vision and passion for improving healthcare delivery across the world.

Primary Job Function:

1) Lead the design, development, and clinical evaluation of several different nucleic and protein assays for infectious disease testing;
2) Lead the management of contract manufacturers supplying reagent components;
3) Design experiments essential to evaluate the product through the course of development, including testing the molecular assay in clinical settings;
4) Developing and executing program plans in collaboration with other team members and consultants, including defining milestones and tasks, and estimating resources required to achieve deliverables;
5) Identify grant funding opportunities and lead grant authorship with assay development team. Opportunities for PIship and grant leadership.
6) Ensuring accurate documentation of results and work performed by Assay Development Team;
7) Interface with the engineering team for the optimization and design of the disposable cartridge;
8) You will be an essential early addition to the Diassess team and work closely with the CTO.
9) You’ll be responsible for leading experiments essential for our development. Such work will include molecular assays (nucleic acid amplification or gel electrophoresis), work in a biohood, preclinical testing with patient samples, engaging with clinical collaborators, etc.
10) Ensure accurate documentation of your results and work in a lab notebook in a clear, concise manner.
11) You’ll have strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
12) You are able to work well in a group and can effectively manage project tasks. Qualifications: Education: You’ll have a PhD in biochemistry, molecular biology, or a related field and have demonstrated technical experience and competence.

Experience and Training: Previous laboratory and management experience is required. Candidates will ideally have 5+ years of experience with complex multi-step assays including creation and development of new assay schemes, preferably in an industrial setting. Candidates should have demonstrated ability to modify existing assays schemes to address new performance challenges. Experience in the analysis and interpretation of large data sets preferable. Additionally, experience in molecular diagnostics is very favorable.

Skills: It would be great if you possess a majority of the following skills/traits:

1) You have experience in designing and performing molecular assays, especially nucleic acid amplification assays like PCR, and operating lab instruments such as thermocyclers. Additional experience working with immunoassays and ELISA.
2) You have experience with nucleic acid analysis techniques such as gel electrophoresis, capillary electrophoresis, DNA sequencing, and have an understanding of different DNA detection modalities such as molecular beacons, intercalating dyes, etc.
3) You have experience with bioinformatics tools such as NCBI Blast, Geneious, CLC, 4Peaks etc.
4) You can program and write scripts for data analysis; MATLAB, Python, R, ImageJ, etc.
5) You have the ability to form interpersonal, professional relationships and can display socially and professionally appropriate behavior. It’s a work-hard, play-hard environment and we want rounded individuals.
6) Ability and foresight to know what needs to be done ahead of time.
7) You will respond to emails in a timely manner.
8) You can prioritize workloads.
9) A rock-solid understanding of molecular biology, organic chemistry, and biochemistry.
10) Often, we do not know the answers to development problems and we have to seek out information in literature.

Download PDF Diassess Scientist Job Description

Download PDF Diassess Senior Scientist Job Description