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Notice on “China-LAC Young Scientist Exchange Program by Minister of Science and Technology of China in 2017”


Position Requirements:

  1. non-secret-involved position
  2. non-education programme
  3. having detail work plan and excuting
  4. funded scientist should work with host professor’s group
  5. duration of funding: 6 months or 12 months, based on the need of work plan, ONE time prolongation is possible.

Candidate requirements:

  1. from the Latin America Countries (LAC)
  2. age limitation up to 45 years old
  3. more than 5 years in the special field with PhD degree
  4. health and can be competent at applied position
  5. promise that will work in China during the whole funded duration
  6. promise that will abide by the chinese law.

Funding pattern

  1. MOST supports 12500RMB per month for funded scientist, travel fee, allowance for house rent and daily life, and other insurance are all included in this funding (for example, 12500*6 or 12500*12 in total).
  2. All funding will appropriate to the affiliation and will be transfer to the succeed applicant monthly.

Materials requirements

  1. Application form signed and sealed by afflication
  2. Recommendation Form signed and sealed by applicant’s affiliation
  3. This programme will be decided by MOST.
  4. The host affiliation should help the succeed applicant to visa application, work procedure, house rental, insurance.

View PDF

1.aplication form in Chinese

1.aplication form in English-note

2.Recommendation Form