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A position of a Postdoctoral Scientist has been created to carry out research on the contribution of cellular stress responses in the coordination of adaptive immunity, using in-vivo models, multiparametric flow cytometry, cellular and molecular biology, and transcriptomics data. 


This role will be pivotal in initiating research on immune regulation by the Unfolded Protein Response and in opening new avenues in the study of emerging regulators of inflammation. The project will be funded by FONDECYT and Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) initiatives. 


  • A PhD in immunology, microbiology or cell biology
  • Good theoretical knowledge of immunology.
  • The post holder is expected to be creative and motivated, conscientious and able to work independently, but also to interact well within the team. Good ability to communicate well in English is also essential.
  • The post holder will be responsible for designing, performing, analysing and interpreting experiments.
  • Demonstration of scientific ability and excellence by means of authorship (first author) peer reviewed publications in scientific journals.

Start date: September-October 2017

Postdoctoral Training Fellows are expected to lead their own projects, contribute to other projects on a collaborative basis, and guide PhD students in their research. The ability to work in a team is essential.

Applicants should send a CV, a letter of intention, and two letters of reference