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Dra. Catherine Connelly

Universidad de Chile

Dra. Catherine Connelly retired in 2009 from the University of Chile after a career of 54 years in the Faculties of Science and/or Medicina.

She has permanent residency in Chile since 1964.  She received the doctorate from Yale University in 1961.

Dra. Connelly has contributed to academia in Chile by serving over 10 years on the Conecyt/Fondecyt review commisions.

Her scientific works include over 75 publications in international journals in areas of:

  • protein synthesis, the use of amphibian oocytes as “test tubes
  • pioneer work at Yale University on the reversible phosphorylation of proteins as a regulatory process.

Dra. Connelly completed two Postdoctoral Fellowship in the laboratory of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Marshall Nierenberg of the National Institutes of Health USA  (1966-7) and a third fellowship of the American Cancer Society, for an 18 month period (1972-74)  at the University of California, laboratory of Dr. Gordon Sato.