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Monday 23 July – Thursday 26 July. 2018

The third international conference Proteins and Peptides, Structure, Function and Biotechnology co-organized by Menicon, MIT and the University of Geneva will be held on July 23-26, 2018 at the University of Geneva. This international meeting of high scientific caliber will bring together world-leading experts from several disciplines under the broad subject of Peptides and Proteins and biotechnologies to highlight the latest advances within the field. This enterprise was made possible through the near 20-year long collaboration between Dr. Mouad LAMRANI, former Dean of French Ivy League School of Engineering and current Director of Menicon R&D Innovation Centre in Geneva, and Professor Shuguang ZHANG, director of the Laboratory of Molecular Self-Assembly at CBA, Media Lab at MIT.

Peptides and proteins are at the core of medical and technological advances and their knowledge has led to major discoveries in many fields like vaccination, particularly toward Alzheimer disease, Oncology or drug tolerance. During Proteins and Peptides conference, world-leading experts from North America, Asia and Europe will present latest findings on proteins structure, protein interaction and identification, and peptides engineering methods.

The Scientific Committee warmly invites you to take part in the 2018, third international conference Proteins and Peptides, Structure, Function and Biotechnology.


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