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OUR LABORATORY is interested in decorticating the host pathogen interactions at the basis of viral replication. Traditionally focused on HIV, in more recent years we have also been studying this aspect at the interface between virology and cell biology on other RNA viruses. We are currently seeking for two highly motivated post doctoral candidates to work on the relationship between viruses and antiviral innate immunity defenses.

POSITION 1 (duration of 2 years, funded by the French agency for research on HIV/Hepatitis, ANRS) will focus on the identification and characterization of novel innate defense proteins that modulate the replication of the type 1 human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1). This is a blooming and highly competitive area of research in which HIV acts as a spearhead for a number of other viruses.

POSITION 2 (duration of 3 years funded by the National Agency of Research, ANR) is focused on the characterization of a novel mechanism of translation inhibition that our lab has recently described for the cellular antiviral factor ISG20 against different families of RNA viruses.

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