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Dear TYAN Members,

Further to my email below and on behalf of TYAN EC, please note that for this year only an additional deadline has been added, i.e. 1 July. Following this 1st July deadline, the next will be in 30th November and 31st March of every year as stated on the form.
Please also note the two following points of the new revised version of the application form:

  1. Submission of “Support letter from host”;
  2. Detailed guidelines to help prepare a better “project description”.

When submitting your application, please make sure that all documents have been included also the support letter from the host, and that you have read the guidelines carefully when you are preparing your “Project Description”.

With kindest regards,

Fabrizia Niscio (Ms.)
TWAS Exchanges

Dear TYAN Members,

In connection with the TYAN Collaborative Grant Award (TCGA), please note that the application process and relevant application form (attached) have been modified as follows:

(1) two deadlines a year have been introduced (according to the starting date of the suggested trip);

(2) applicants should state what UN-SDGs they are addressing with their application;

(3) two final reports will have to be submitted: 1) one month after the visit; 2) one year after the visit.

With kindest regards

TCGA Application form Revised May 2018