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NEBuilder® HiFi: the next generation of DNA assembly

Techniques to assemble DNA in vitro have revolutionized science. The use of Type IIP restriction enzymes and T4 DNA Ligase have served the scientific community well, but as molecular biology has matured, new DNA assembly methods have been developed. NEBuilder HiFi is example of one of these new technologies – it lends itself well to current demands for assembling larger numbers of DNA fragments, easily generating sgRNA constructs for CRISPR experiments, and multi-position, site-directed mutagenesis.

In this webinar we will explore some of these applications, and show examples of how NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly can be used to address them.

Date: Thursday, March 23, 2017
Time: 1:00pm EST
Speaker: Tom Evans, Ph.D., Scientific Director,
DNA Enzymes Division, New England Biolabs