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Dear Dr.,

As co-chairs of the 2019 Biophysical Society Program Committee, we are delighted to invite you to participate in the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society, which will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland, March 2–6, 2019. 

Once again, this year’s program accentuates the important role biophysics plays as the cornerstone of biology, physics, and chemistry, as well as its significance in linking basic scientific research with translational applications.  The meeting will emphasize collaboration between experiment and modeling, including particularly the challenge to explicitly map and model the cell in an integrative and multi-scale fashion.  This year’s symposia and workshops will span a wide range of topics that represent the core strengths of the Society, pushing the forefronts of biophysical theory, experiment, and technology.

As you may know, our vibrant platform and poster sessions provide substantial opportunities to present and discuss research.  Importantly, these sessions allow trainees and early career scientists to highlight their work.  Additionally, we have a comprehensive schedule of programs for professional development and education.

It is a wonderful time to be a biophysicist — we look forward to seeing you in Baltimore!


Andrej Sali

Program Committee Co-Chair

Susan Marqusee

Program Committee

To submit an abstract, you will need to create a myBPS account.  You will only need to do this once.  To create your account, click the “Login” button at the top right screen of the BPS homepage, then select “Create Account.”  Choose the “I have a current or past relationship with BPS” option. Follow the prompts to complete your myBPS account creation. Once completed, you will be able to submit your abstract.

NOTE: myBPS was introduced in April 2018. If you have not visited our site and created an account since then, please follow the above instructions to create your myBPS account. If you aren’t sure if you have an account, please contact us.

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