Academic FCB are appointed members of the ACAL

Academic FCB are appointed members of the ACAL

TheCouncil of the Academy of Sciences of America Latinview the favourable opinion by a qualified majority of academics comprising the ACAL, agreed to appoint members of the institution for orientation and high level scientific activity to scholars of our faculty, theDr. Francisco Bozinovicand theDr. Luis Larrondo.

This appointment is due to the "cooperation for the progress of science and the integration of Latin America and the Caribbean".

President Claudio Bifano and Chancellor Rafael Apitz-Castro, ensure that "the ACAL it feels very pleased by his recent incorporation and expect that the participation of Dr. Bozinovic as Dr. Larrondo, will be very valuable to generate more integration" consolidated in Latin America".

The Academy currently with around 200 members of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and Chile. It also has correspondents in Germany, United States and France members.

Academy of Sciences of Latin America

TheAcademy of the Sciences of America Latina (ACAL)It is a regional scientific institution based in Venezuela. It was created to honor the memory of Simón Bolívar by a group of scientific researchers from Latin America and is responsible for promoting cooperation between scientific institutions, exchange of researchers and scientific knowledge, the regional scientific activities, studies of scientific policy, the interest in science and science education for all.