Courses, symposia and conferences
Courses, symposia and conferences

Biomedical Doctoral Program 2021, UNAB

Application Process Start Nominations: August 17 End Nominations: October 16 Background Review and Preselection: 19 – 21 October Relevant Knowledge Test: 22 – 23 October


New biofortification method that transforms leaves into nutrient deposits

A new collaborative study led by researchers from the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) at the Agricultural Genomics Research Center (CRAG) in Barcelona and the Institute of Biology


Sensitive death of Dr Maria Imschenetzky Popov

Dear Partners: We sadly inform you of the sensitive passing of Dr Maria Imschenetzky Popov yesterday. Dr. Imschenetzky, who in 2013 was appointed professor emeritus

Courses, symposia and conferences

Application to the doctoral program at the University of Talca

He is part of the Doctorate in Sciences Mention Plant Genetic Engineering of the Institute of Biological Sciences of the UTalca. #admisión2021


Don’t Forget – Join Us For Webinar #3

Have you registered yet for our third Webinar? If not, there is still time! Webinar #3, entitled: Mechanisms of Molecular Chaperones: Insights from Hybrid Biophysical Approaches, will have two parts and take place

Courses, symposia and conferences

PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Chile

Support Scholarships Students can apply for CONICYT support scholarships. In addition, our program has its own scholarships from the Faculty which allows 100% of the

Interviews and letters

Studying the enemy

In the midst of this coronavirus pandemic, many scientists seek to understand the virus, how it spreads, how it enters and affects the human body. We in Chile, unknowingly, were already studying and


Antibody design could fight COVID-19 before vaccines arrive

While the world is paralyzed by the high-risk race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, equally crucial competition is heating up to produce targeted antibodies that could provide

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