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To succeed in science today, we have to learn new strategies, think broadly, and step back to see our work from fresh angles. That’s why I strongly encourage you to attend the next ASBMB annual meeting, April 22–26 in Chicago. At the meeting, you can meet colleagues in other research areas, fertilize your mind with new knowledge, and use state-of-the-art advances to spark new ideas for your own endeavors.

Expect many exciting features for the 2017 meeting. It features 16 outstanding scientific symposia – four concurrent sessions each morning for four days – on cutting-edge topics that everyone needs to know about to stay current. Our new “Issues in Depth” series focuses this year on the topic of antibiotics and resistance, and our 15-minute “Spotlight Talks” provide a new way to showcase your latest work. Well-trafficked poster sessions, combined with meet-the-speaker tables, will give you substantive opportunities to network with invited speakers, awards winners and other scientific leaders.

Invigorating “Learning Labs”, technical workshops, will cover everything from big-picture concepts to nitty-gritty details of technologies that each of us needs to learn, and “Success in Science” workshops will offer practical advice for flourishing as a scientist. Graduate students and postdocs are invited to attend a full day devoted to career development and professional skills training. And for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and undergraduate faculty members, we offer more than $250,000 in travel awards.

The ASBMB annual meeting is where I presented my first public talk and found my ever-growing community of colleagues and friends. It can do the same for you! I urge you to submit an abstract by Nov. 17 and join us in Chicago. I hope you’re looking forward to our most important gathering of the year as much as I am.

Warm regards,

Remember, the deadline to submit your abstract is Nov. 17, so don’t delay!