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We are organizing the Bioscope Winter Courses in January-February 2016, in Caparica (Lisbon, Portugal), as follows:

January 25th-27th 2016
V Hands-on course in nanoparticles studies: from fluorescence and biochemical tools to MALDI-MS techniques applied to coated metal nanoparticles

January 27th-29th 2016
III Hands-on course in sample preparation using nanoparticles for proteomics

February 1st-3rd 2016
VI Hands-on course in ultrafast sample treatment for proteomics

February 4th-5th 2015
II Hands on course in 18O-based protein quantification for proteomics

The courses costs only about 350-450 euros (each) and you may find the topics at the end of this email.
There are grants and reduced prices for groups.

We have managed a hotel (4 star) with direct tramp communication with the venue by just 50 euros/night.

More information is available at the Bioscope Group Website:

Please see our courses in this video:

II Hands-on Course in 18O-based protein quantification for proteomics

Module I – Theory
Fundamentals of Mass Spectrometry
Quantitative proteomics – Stable isotope labelling
Principles of 18O protein quantification
Experimental design for 18O quantitative proteomics

Module II – Hands-on
Protein quantification by UV-spectroscopy
Ultra-fast protein digestion
Proteolytic labeling and post-digestion labeling
MALDI-TOF-MS analysis
Protein quantification through 18O isotopic labeling
MASCOT and Decision Peptide Driven software

III Hands-on Course in Sample Preparation Using Nanoparticles for Proteomics

Module I – Theory
Synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles
Nanoparticle-based sample fractionation
Protein identification by Mass Spectrometry

Module II – Hands-on
Sample clean up
Protein quantification
Nanoparticle synthesis characterization and applications:
Protein fractionation using gold-nanoparticles (serum samples)
Characterization of GNPs-protein complexes (UV-Vis, SDS-PAGE)
In-gel and In-solution protein digestion (GNPs-protein complexes)
Protein identification using MALDI-TOF/TOF MS
Data analysis

VI Hands-on Course in Ultrafast Sample Treatment for Proteomics

Module I – Theory
Practical aspects of sample collection storage and preservation for the
proteome analysis
Fundamentals of proteomics
Protein fractionation: 1D-GE, 2D-GE, off-gel IEF
Sample preparation: In-gel trypsin digestion
Protein identification by Mass Spectrometry

Module II – Hands-on
Sample clean-up
Protein separation: 2D gel electrophoresis
In-gel trypsin digestion: accelerated method
MALDI-TOF/TOF-MS data acquisition
Data analysis: Protein identification

V Hands-on Course in Fluorescence and Related Techniques Applied to Chemosensors and Nanoparticles

Module I – Theory
Introduction to Photophysical Principles applied to Probes and Sensors.
Photophysical Characterization: absorption, emission and excitation
Fluorescence Quantum Yield.
Solid State Studies.
Synthesis and characterization of Metallic Nanoparticles: gold, silver
and magnetic.

Module II – Hands-on

Photophysical Characterization of a highly luminescent compound
(solution and solid state studies)
Quantification of an emissive system using a Nanodrop technology (Abs
and emission)
Spectrophotometric and spectrofluorimetric metal titration. LOD and
Dynamic Light Scattering characterisation of NPS (Size and Charge)
Screening the anion interactions using a CLARIOstar 96 well plate
emission system
Data analysis

Jose Luis Capelo Martinez, PhD, FRSC
00 351 919404933
facebook: jose-luis capelo-martinez

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