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Julio Caballero is Associate Professor of the Faculty of Engineering at University of Talca, Chile and he is leading a research group on the modelling of biomacromolecular systems by using computational biochemistry methods since 2012. His experience is reflected in more than 125 publications, all of them in ISI journals, and he has supervised 4 PhD thesis and 11 undergraduate thesis. His research interest is primarily protein–drug molecular systems under the view of the computational models. His group is interested in methodologies focused on the analysis and processing of these models to generate novel chemical information, with potential applications in the design of novel drugs. Those methods include docking, molecular dynamics, QSAR, free energy calculations, artificial intelligence, and predictive models. His research projects have been mainly oriented to the study of enzyme–inhibitor systems, mainly protein kinase inhibitors. He is also interested in questions about the structures of target proteins, such as potassium channels, the sigma1 receptor, the TRPV-1 channel, etc. The work of his group is inserted in the fields of computational biochemistry, pharmaceutical modeling, protein structure and function, enzyme reactivity and selectivity, and his contributions are mainly focused to medicinal chemistry topics.

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