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Horacio Poblete is a full professor at Universidad de Talca (Chile), he received his Ph.D. in Applied Sciences at Talca University in 2013. His thesis work was focused on understanding the binding mode of PIP2 on the TRPV1 channel. During his thesis, he characterizes the activation/desensitization of the TRPV1 channel through computational essays, showing a significant result for future medical treatments of pain. Then, with the support of Fondecyt Postdoctoral fellowship, he went to the Theoretical Molecular Biophysics group at the National Institute of Health (USA), where he acquired vast experience in the study of biological systems using computational tools. Then, he moves to the Nanotechnology Innovation Center of Kansas State to a second postdoc, in which he becomes interested in the interaction of biomolecules with metal nanoparticles, focusing on the solvent-surface interface, as well as, the thermodynamics/structure relationship that drives the adsorption. In 2017, he went back to his home institution, in Chile, where currently is an Assistant Professor. His work has contributed to advance our understanding of structural determinants on the adsorption of biomolecules to different metal nanoparticles, to rationally design new and novel nanomaterials to biomedical applications.