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No monthly Lecture series this Saturday! 

Passport to Science

Families! Explore the world of science with your Passport to Science at Cal!

Pick up a passport booklet our table on the south lawn of the Valley Life Sciences Building, or at any of the hands-on science activity locations, and begin your journey!

Also be sure to check out the many other events for families around campus on the  Cal Day website!

Tours & Talks

At Cal Day, ideas for change are all around. With over 400 lectures, exhibits, demonstrations and performances, there is something to inspire every mind. Browse science talks and demos

Some highlights: 

The Glorious All-American Total Solar Eclipse of August 2017! 


Machine Learning Today and Tomorrow: A Panel Discussion


Exploration in 3D Bioprinting


Using Crystals to Decipher Volcanic Eruptions


California and the Climate Fight: Our State’s New Relationship with Washington and the World


Dark Matter: Why? 

Lab Tours
Visit the laboratory spaces and research buildings where cutting-edge scientific discoveries are made, tour world-class research museum collections, and visit many special exhibits in campus libraries. Browse tours
Quantum materials lab tour with James Analytis

Astronomy Lab with Carl Heiles

UC Berkeley Botanical Garden – Free admission and tours all day, take the hill shuttle

UC Berkeley Natural History Museum tours 
  • Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
  • Essig Museum of Entomology
  • University and Jepson Herbaria
  • Museum of Paleontology (note, arrive early to pick up tickets for Paleontology Museum tours)
  • Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology
Stand up for Science

Stand up for Science 

Noon Rally
12:00-12:30 pm  | Memorial Glade

A non-partisan rally in support of science at noon on Memorial Glade. We’ll hear from inspiring champions of science in celebration and in defense of what science brings to our society.
Alex Filippenko, Professor, Astrophysicist and Internationally Renowned Educator
Randy Schekman, Professor and Nobel Prize-Winning Cell Biologist
Ashley Truxal, Graduate Student, Pines Lab, College of Chemistry

The Intersection of Science, Technology and Society

The pressing problems of our time are scientific and social, technological and political, ethical and economic. In a rapidly evolving, technology-and-data-driven landscape, where do we turn for solutions? How do we process information? And, how do we ensure that all members of society are included-that their voices are heard and valued-in the problem-solving process?
Kids, Share Your Voice!
9:00 am-4:00 pm | Various locations around campus

Look for locations around campus-including the Lawrence Hall of Science and the Valley Life Sciences Building-to write or draw a message about what science means to you and your future. Share your voice and creations on social media with #YouthForScience!
For more information about upcoming lectures and other events, please visit the Science at Cal Website
Thanks for your continued interest in science! Please feel free to share this with friends. Our events are always free and open to the public.
Programs are subject to change without notice.