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Millennium Institute for Integrative Systems and Synthetic Biology

The MIISSB invites applications for Post-Doctoral Positions in the following areas

  • Plant-fungal interactions
  • Role of sRNAs on Arabidopsis root development and plant responses to the environment
  • Experimental evolution and complex traits in yeast
  • Design and implementation of synthetic transcriptional circuits
  • Fungal circadian clocks and circuitry

Suitably and qualified candidates are invited to apply for full-time fixed term positions as Postdoctoral Researchers. These positions are funded by the Millennium Institute for Integrative Systems and Synthetic Biology (MIISSB) and are available from 1st April 2018. The MIISSB has over 10 researchers and more than 60 students – postdocs and research assistants working together across Systems Biology, Synthetic Biology, Plant Biology, Fungal Biology, Plant-Fungal interactions and yeast systems.

Applications should include a CV with a list of recent publications, a brief summary of the latest achievements, and letters of recommendation. Salary is based on research experience. The MIISSB is an equal opportunity employer. Applications and questions concerning specific laboratories and research lines should be sent to: Karem Tamayo ( and indicating the research interests related to the areas indicated above.

Application Deadline: 1st March 2018

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