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Dear TWAS YAs,
we would like to spread the word about the Code of Ethics for Science.
The Code of ethics seek to safeguard these high standards of behaviours and practices. Many examples exist, but so far no code of conduct or ethics that is interdisciplinary and global in its perspective has achieved universal uptake.
The World Economic Forum Young Scientists Community — a group of leading researchers under the age of 40 from diverse fields and all regions of the world — came together to identify and reflect on the cross-cutting ethical issues they are faced with. This universal Code of Ethics is the result of their extensive reflections and consultations with researchers and ethicists. It serves as a tool to nurture a positive change of culture in the research world by not only guiding and shaping the behaviour of individuals but also the processes of the scientific institutions that are to facilitate this cultural shift.
The full document is attached to this message and can be accessed here:
You can watch the session here:
If you have any questions, please contact our colleague (TYAN member) Prof Rafael Guido (
Best regards,

Patricia Zancan

Ph.D, Associate Professor
Co-Chair of TYAN
Head of the International Affairs of Pharmacy School – UFRJ

Senior Group Leader
Laboratory of Molecular Oncobiology
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

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