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Lic. Cristian Rohr is a bioinformatician graduated from the University of Entre Rios – Argentina. My academic training and research experience have provided me with an excellent background in multiple disciplines and I specialized in genomics and next generation sequencing. My long term research interests involve the development of a comprehensive understanding of clinical genomics in the microbiome, oncology an non-invasive prenatal testing fields. My first postgraduate experience was at the Agrobiotechnology Laboratory – Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences – University of Buenos Aires, my research focused on projects related to transcriptomics in plants and fungi. After that I worked as a research assistant in the Medical Genomics and Evolution Laboratory, EGE – Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences – University of Buenos Aires conducting research and developing bioinformatics tools and databases for the analysis of clinical genomics data associated to neurological and metabolic diseases. In 2016 I moved to HERITAS a young precision medicine company in Rosario Argentina. I started to work in HERITAS MICROXPLORA a database with information about the gut microbiome composition in the center region of Argentina. Several R packages and R/Shiny apps were also developed to compare samples against this database to identify cases of dysbiosis. I lead the bioinformatics develop of HERITAS VISION the first non invasive prenatal testing platform available in the country without the need to send the sample abroad. Nowadays i’m working in HERITAS ONCOSENS a test for liquid biopsies in R&D stage.